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Over the past few years, most of my time and focus has been on building an advisory firm focused in the commodities sector. My real passion, however, comes from my writing, life coaching and talent development work.

I consider myself to be many things: from an accomplished business woman-enlightened entrepreneur, to an intuitive life coach, a Spiritual MBA or a spiritual-preneur, a painter, a dancer and an author. The list keeps growing and it adds to the excitement that I feel every day, and that I hope YOU feel too!

Aside from creating and managing new businesses and joint ventures with my partner and our team, I enjoy educating myself, sharing what I know and what worked for me and guiding others on their own journey to success, self-realization and fulfillment. 

My area of expertise is people and the development of their inner gifts and talents. I gained invaluable insights into the area of talent management during an almost decade-long career in Executive Education at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. While in this capacity, my work related to leadership development programs was recognized by the International Society for Performance Improvement.  I am a certified Human Resources professional and more recently a certified practitioner in a Hawaiian energetic healing method.

I AM here to inspire, empower and share my experiences to help YOU succeed and be happy.  Be sure to check out my new e-book titled The Spiritual MBA: Discover How to Manage your Biggest Asset!

Coming to online retailers soon! 

The Spiritual MBA e-book is the first book of a SERIES that draws on my experiences as a spiritually-inspired female entrepreneur and lays out a new spiritually-inspired approach. A new wealth creation PARADIGM that leads to more SUSTAINABLE life outcomes and win-win-win situations. Yes, it is possible! 

To the possibilities! 

The Spiritual MBA

"Nothing is impossible, as the word itself says I'M POSSIBLE!"

~Audrey Hepburn~